1. Does every child need a Game Plan?
    The quick answer is YES!
    Obviously there are successful adults today that became successful without a formal game plan. However, in almost every case, a closer look will reveal someone in their childhood who had a positive impact in their life. The CHILD Game Plan is a tool to help you be that person of influence in a child’s life.

  2. How do I develop a Game Plan for a child?
    A detailed explanation to developing a winning Game Plan for your child is set out in the book and under the resource section of this site.

  3. Why is a Game Plan important?
    The importance of having a Game Plan is that it is pre-planned and intentional. Let’s face it, Life Happens. Every day there are things that happen that can distract us from achieving our goals. The same is true in the development of a child. For example, it’s so easy to get distracted with the “busyness” of the day that we can miss crucial times for the “business of developing meaningful and lasting relationships with our children (or anyone else for that matter). A perfect example of this is depicted in the lyrics of Harry Chapin’s song Cat’s in the Cradle.

    It’s really simple. If you know what you want to accomplish, start where you are, consider the known gaps between where you are and where you want to be, develop a plan to close those gaps, execute the plan. Without a plan, execution can be random. With a plan, success is intentional.
  4. How often should the Game Plan be reviewed?
    Your CHILD Game Plan should be reviewed at least weekly. A more thorough review should be done either monthly or quarterly.
  5. Who should be involved in the development of a Game Plan for a child?
    This is entirely up to you.  However, we recommend that you involve as many people as possible. A wise statement is that there is safety in the multitude of counsel. The only caveat is that you should completely trust those you involve.
  6. Can I use the same process to develop a Game Plan for myself?
    Absolutely! The steps to develop a CHILD Game Plan can be used to develop your own Game Plan for life… it’s never too late to start!
  7. How will I know if the Game Plan is working?
    The obvious indication that your CHILD Game Plan is working is that you are seeing positive movement in the direction of goals set by you and your child. This can be a little tricky because some of the activities involved in carrying out the plan involve planting seeds that will grow later on. However, one of the best indications that the CHILD Game Plan is working is a closer relationship with your child. Remember, children spell love T-I-M-E. You aren’t just “spending” time with your child, you are “investing” time in your child… and he or she will know it!
  8. What is the best age to develop a Game Plan?
    It has been said that the best time to plant an oak tree was 30 years ago… and, if it hasn’t been planted yet, the second best time is today. Our recommendation is that you start as early as possible. You can even start the formation of a CHILD Game Plan prior to conception. That’s just our way of saying: the earlier the better. If you haven’t done so already, as with planting an oak tree, do it now.
  9. Why do you feature athletes with flaws in your book, The CHILD Game Plan?
    Great question! Another way to ask that question could be: “Why do you feature less than perfect people in the book?” The answer is simple; we couldn’t find anyone who was perfect, without flaws, to feature. Believe me, after we both looked in the mirror, we still couldn’t find anyone who was perfect. So we had to settle, and in settling, we realized that it was actually best to feature people who had succeeded in spite of their flaws in life because it just makes the process that much more believable and accessible to everyone. So here’s the obvious follow-up question to help answer the original question… Are you developing the Game Plan for a child who is already perfect? Are you replica watches perfect? – or are you developing a Game Plan for an imperfect human being who wants a better life? Our belief is that you and your child are like us (and the athletes we chose to feature in the book)... human, and therefore imperfect. Everyone has challenges, and that’s what makes the process of game planning that much more important. Our plan is to become better every day… because we aren’t perfect yet. The fact that we, and the athletes we choose to feature in the book, aren’t perfect, emphasizes the need for a plan.  
  10. Why did you wait so long to get this book out in the market? I could have used this years ago.
    Another great question! The simple answer is: We’re not sure. There are probably a thousand reasons (or excuses). I guess you could say we’re not perfect. Although we do believe that God had a perfect plan for this book to be released and we are happy to be the ones to get to do it… and we are thrilled that it has the potential to benefit you and your child.
  11. Where can I find more information about the Cal Poly accident? 
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  12. Where can I find more information about the NFL’s Play 60 program? 
    You can find more information about the NFL’s Play 60 program at: www.nfl.com/play60 
    Another cool site that many children enjoy is www.nflrush.com
  13. Where can I purchase the books, movies, etc. recommended in the book?
    Click here to purchase books, movies, etc. recommended in the book: (The CHILD Game Plan Resource Store)