Life is not always easy. Everyone struggles from time to time and there are times when we all just want to hide. However, it’s during these times that you, as a parent, grandparent, guardian, teacher or school administrator can have the greatest positive influence on the life of a child.

This book is absolutely loaded with ideas for you to use and examples for you to follow to help you develop a winning Game Plan for your child.  

The C.H.I.L.D. Game Plan goes in depth to show you how you can help a child develop a winning Game Plan for life that will allow him / her to experience the thrill of being a champion in the greatest game of all... the game of life!  

In this book, you will find specific references to five very important areas: Competitive sports and the body, Heart and social awareness, Intelligence - school - career... and the mind, Life force - spirituality and the soul, and Destiny. 

Get ready to have a huge positive influence on your child!